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It’ll Give You Nightmares

Posted in randomness by danielsmyth on September 30, 2008

Taken Sunday afternoon after the little boys dragged me into the backyard and told me it might give me nightmares. Still trying to figure out what it is.


Update: It’s totally a Black and Yellow Argiope. Right. Cause I knew what that was…

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Wedding Part Deux

Posted in events, objects by danielsmyth on September 29, 2008

The last bit from the Lopez wedding. I just love murky colors and blown out windows. This is also one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever been in.

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Lopez Weddin

Posted in events, people by danielsmyth on September 28, 2008


Lopez Wedding yesterday. 1 more later. And no they’re not Jewish. There’s just a Jewish flag there.

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Seen This Morning…

Posted in people, randomness by danielsmyth on September 26, 2008

My fantastical wife went to drop something off at the parents this morning and this is what she walked into:

“isaac was down on the floor, lapping up his left over cereal milk like a dog and aj was wearing a dress and dad was leading “Bible before breakfast” devos and anthony was surrounded by five different kinds of cereal boxes, having a bowl of each, i think.”

HAHA. It’s such an awesomely hilarious family to be a part of now.

*Also my apologies to those of you that care about capitalization. My wife doesn’t like them. And I was quoting. Notice the “”s ?

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Vietnamese Party

Posted in people by danielsmyth on September 24, 2008

Vietnamese food party last night. You totally missed out.