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Posted in food, recipes by danielsmyth on July 22, 2009

We ate camel!

Ok don’t get all bent out of shape yet. We bought the camel at Findlay Market (Our local farmer’s market) and the camel is Australian where I hear they have the largest herd of wild camel’s anywhere in the world thus making them a nuisance since they aren’t native. To contribute, we thought we’d help the camel issue by eating some.

But what to do with camel? Camel burgers? Meatballs? Chili?

Shisk Kebabs we decided were definitely the way to go. So we picked up some purple and green peppers, some potatoes and off we went. Recipe after the photos.


It’s pretty simple really. To get the full essence of your camel you need to add a little salt and just go for it. But since camel was new, we did some straight up and some spiced.

For 8 camel shisk kebabs (feeds 4 hungry adults)

4 med peppers (any color, we used purple & green)
3 med baking potatoes
1 lb ground camel
1/2 lb fresh mushrooms
1 bunch of garlic (10 cloves or so will do)
Indian Curry
Olive oil


Cut peppers into large sections.
Cut your potatoes into large chunks.
Add rosemary, garlic powder or fresh minced, thyme & sage to potatoes along with olive oil.
Bake in oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes.

Roll 1/2 lb of camel into meatballs
Add 1 tsp of curry, garlic powder or fresh minced, & fresh ground black pepper to other 1/2 lb of camel
Mix well by hand
Roll this 1/2 lb of camel into meatballs
Bake in oven for 15 minutes at 350

Skewer all of your ingredients on some sticks (feel free to vary the placement of your veggies (See above photo)
Grill on open flame for ~10 minutes.
Rotate as needed.


Let me know what you think!
Slight update.

It tasted great. Camel is very lean which is nice for your health but it does dry out quicker. The curry added a nice spice and I would definitely spice all of the camel next time around. If you’ve never tried camel I definitely recommend trying pure camel first. And the veggies were awesome. Purple pepper taste almost exactly like green pepper. And how could you not love a roasted clove of garlic? So good! Just remember to brush your teeth after this dish.

Four Justice

Posted in events, skyscapes by danielsmyth on July 4, 2009

Our neighborhood has been exploding since yesterday evening. Any excuse in the ghetto is a good excuse right?

july 4th

I hope you’re celebrating today as more then just another day to grill out and do the ‘Merican thing. What do you have freedom from? What do you need freedom from today? What does someone you know need rescue from? Ask. Pursue. Seek justice. You might be surprised what you are capable of when you rise to a cause.


Posted in food, people, travel by danielsmyth on July 4, 2009

We ate at this crazy restaurant called Cootie Brown’s. It was pretty solid for being in Tennessee. Don’t ask what that statement means because I don’t know.

We had their “famous” spiral chips and a Bistro pizza which was loaded with veggies and pesto on a wheat crust. It was tasty to say the least. Really however the coolest thing about the whole place was the atmosphere. Everything is tye-died and painted in crazy colors. The signed is totally rusted out and lit with neon which looks so awesome. They also have bags of water and crystals on the edge of the porch which they swear confuses flies & bees and keeps them from flying inside. We didn’t see any while we were there so I can’t really back that up.

Dig it.

cootie browns


Posted in travel by danielsmyth on July 4, 2009

After being run off because of the rain we spend the next day wandering around ancient (not really) Jonesborough Tennessee. The oldest city in Tennessee and home of Andrew Jackson for a bit.


There was not much there. Some antiques. A museum/gift shop. And a bunch of churches. It did have a nice little walking district though.


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We were supposed to go camping but it rained. So we hiked. In the rain. It was so much fun! Especially the gigantic stone steps, the hippies that smelled like hippies. the weird middle aged guys swimming, and the dogs that played fetch with rocks the size of your fist. So great.


Above you can see
1 – my amazingly beautiful wife
2 & 3 – Laurel Falls
4 – Some fantastically bad shots of us. The flash was so underexposed. It’s great.
5 – Deryck & his awesome socks. He looks like a very contemplative mountain man.