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Why I should be a food photographer: Reason #47

Posted in food by danielsmyth on October 8, 2009

I love food quite simply. Now food photography isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing in the world, but making the food is. And that is why I like it so much.

From the top down we have
-Cranberry Apple Crisp made by my beautiful wife.
-2 Different loaves of homemade all natural whole wheat & flax seed bread covered in organic oats. (Bec described this one as weighty) And it is. Dense. Hearty. Fibrous. Delicious.
-Canned applesauce and apple pie filling from our trip to Iron’s Fruit Farms as mentioned a few days ago. Our wonderful friend Anna led the canning process.
– A batch of my homemade “Autumn Squash laced with Cranberries” granola that is being sold at the Corner Bloc Coffee Shop. We’re changing up the flavors every batch so go get some while this one is there.

That’s it for now. Hope it’s making you hungry.

Apple Cranberry Crisp, Breads, Granola

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An apple a day

Posted in events, landscapes, people by danielsmyth on October 6, 2009

will cost you 7 lbs a peck.

We went apple picking on Saturday. It was quite the entertaining experience. It seems so simple to go out and pick you own apples but normally we’re very removed what this part of the eating experience it was a bit weird. Seeing apples that aren’t shined up, coated in wax was a bit odd. Instead you get apples covered in dust and dirt that take a bit of cleaning before you can chomp down into one. It’s nice to stay connected to where these things come from. Even if it is like a tourist trap nowadays.


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Not Fresh Anymore

Posted in food by danielsmyth on October 5, 2009

My dad has been slowly cleaning out my grandparents house which is an interesting adventure without the wonderful and strange finds. He found this box of coffee. He wondered if it was still good because he couldn’t find a date on it. For these reasons alone I would say it’s not good:
It’s prepackaged & vacuum sealed
It’s been in my grandparents house for who knows how long
The box looks like it might disintegrate

We did not brew this. We are however storing it on display at the Corner Bloc Coffee Shop if you would like to marvel at it’s age.


Oh, yes, we did discover how old it was. Oct, 1988. There is no typo. This coffee is almost as old as I am.

Trey & Emily

Posted in randomness by danielsmyth on October 5, 2009

All right. On to some engagement photos. These are long overdue but I had to wait until Trey & Emily got them first. These two were a blast to shoot with and super adventurous (thank goodness). There are so many great shots from our couple of hours together but I had to pull out a few I really loved to share with you. Here they are:

vater engagement

They rode motorcycles, tromped through broken glass and stacks of papers, played on an old stone building, and swung on the swings. What more could you ask for?

I love engagement photos because you’ve got the creative freedom to show who a couple is and the time to do it. If you’re thinking about getting married and debating engagement photos, just do it. It’s a hoot (and a holler). You’ll love what you get and as long as you don’t wear something tacky, they’re timeless.

Hiking with Lunchboxes

Posted in landscapes, travel by danielsmyth on October 2, 2009

Sorry to not write for a long while then to bombard you with an excess. So it goes for now.

Right after GratisFest we took off for Hocking Hills to spend a few days hiking and celebrating 2 years of marriage! We hiked, cooked, ate at greasy diners, toured a lunchbox museum and tried to pet llamas. The llamas always ran away at the last second. Even if you snuck up on ’em while they were eating. And the donkey was a bit too fond of people for my liking.

We talked with Tim, the owner of Etta’s Lunchbox Museum & General Store. They have a very interesting story of how they ended up in Hocking Hills and it’s worth a stop if you’re in the area to hear more about it.

Our log cabin was in fact a historic pioneer log cabin that had been restored by hand and then the owners added a few modern day things. Fairly affordable. Pretty cool. Plus it had a hot tub.

hocking hills