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On Headshots, Clients, & Purpose.

Posted in headshots, people by danielsmyth on January 3, 2011

Headshots are easy, right? Backdrop, lights, get your subject to smile and you’re done.

Wrong. Headshots, just like every other kind of photography are about telling a story.

Who is this person?
What are they like?
Do I want to work with them?
How will they fit with the rest of our team?
Can they fit the part?

It’s not just a pretty photo of someone smiling. It’s about telling someone, in this case, the casting director, what this actor is like.

It’s also about, as one of my college professors said, selling the sexy.

This is Seth. Seth has a professional day job. A job that requires a suit. And he’s one of the funniest people I know. He’s phenomenal at impressions and voices. He can make an entire room crack up and not even mean to sometimes. He’s also serious when the moment warrants it. Our goal in shooting these was to express that. To communicate who he is and share his character.

This is a simple theatrical headshot. It is completely different from something I would shoot for film, advertising, fashion or any other genre.

This is Seth.

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